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When design or contracting services are required on your next project, look to MSI Construction Inc, a leader in Indiana since 1957.  We believe that every job, no matter how small or large, is equally important.  We have completed time and material projects that take as little as two hours to multi-million dollar expansion projects which span years. Contact MSI Construction Inc. to discuss your project in more detail.  Our firm has the ability to assist you in all phases of the construction process from planning/design to complete construction and budgeting services.


Often called a "turn-key" contract.  On a design-build project the contractor and architect/engineer are allied and work together to serve the owner.  The owner, contractor, and architect/engineer work as a TEAM to design and build a satisfying project for the owner.


The owner selects an architect/engineer to accurately and clearly describe the project and all requirements in plans, specifications and bid documents. The contractor is chosen by one of three methods: Hard Bid, Select Bid and Negotiated


Usually used when the project is complex, very large or the owner puts a high priority on getting a top quality job. The owner may contract with one or more general contractors by negotiation, select bid, or hard bid, thus creating as few as three direct contracts


MSI Construction, Inc. has been constructing metal buildings since 1968. Whether it be a small retail store or a 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility or warehouse, pre-engineered metal buildings offer both an economical benefit and a timely schedule for occupancy.


A general contractor is trusted the with main responsibility for a project under contract. They coordinate subcontractors, mange work schedules, quality control and ensure a project done right

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MSI Construction offers a wide array of preconstruction services, all of which are designed to create a plan for success. Our experienced team brings true value to this collaborative process.

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At MSI, we provide clients with solutions custom tailored to their specific requirements. Having developed longstanding relationships with a variety of subcontractors and suppliers, we are confident that our approach will result in meeting the rigorous demands of our clients with respect to quality, cost, and schedule. 

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MSI has constructed PEMB's that vary in size from 16' x 16', Fire Pump Enclosure for Cinergy Energy, a 10' x 24' Loading Enclosure for Krupp Gerlach, and a 50,000 square foot Speculation Building for Vermillion County Economic Development Corp. Give us a call for your next project

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concrete construction

Having completed many projects from a city sidewalk and street curbs, to full concrete industrial structures and bridges, our construction team is dedicated to getting your project done on time and budget. We have built a fantastic reputation and outstanding record filled with commercial and industrial projects.

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