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General Contracting

What is a General Contractor?

Once an architect/engineer is hired and design plans are chosen, it’s time for business owners to hire a general contractor to build out the project. This is a traditional and popular method for project delivery. General contractors are responsible for the overall coordination of a project, from materials and equipment to construction completion. The general contractor is the point of contact between business owners and the subcontractors hired for construction. They also manage work schedules, quality control, and labor while ensuring that a project is completed correctly and on time.

Benefits of General Contractors

Project Management is a single point of contact for subcontractors

Cost is controlled

Quality is overseen by one manager

Project’s stay on schedule

Labor Management


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Why Choose MSI Construction for General Contracting?

MSI Construction in both the Private and Public sectors as a full service General Contractor. This ensures that we know our markets and are current on the true cost of getting a project built. We strive to ensure maximum value for our clients in the areas of:  

  • New Building Construction

  • Large Scare Renovations

  • Associated Plant Maintenance

  • Historical Renovations

  • Infrastructure  

With our knowledgeable and talented team and our self perform capabilities we will take on almost any construction challenge.


We place our client's needs and expectations above all else. We strive to have a client who at the end of a project has had a positive experience with the construction process.


We listen, understand, and work closely with our clients to fully understand our customers needs.


We utilize our construction expertise to provide our clients with the highest quality project available that is on time and within budget.

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