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Construction Management

What is a Construction Management?

For larger and more complex projects, many business owners find it beneficial to use a construction management firm. Construction management means a business owner hires a construction manager early in the process. Construction managers oversee the budget, determines constructability of architectural designs, reviews change orders, and ensures adherence to the construction documents. Because construction managers are involved in the planning process early on, they are able to establish the preliminary budget, review drawings, and offer alternative design solutions. They construct on the business owner’s behalf quickly and efficiently, relieving much of the stress of a construction project.

Why Choose Construction Management?

Good for larger or more complex projects with many moving parts

The scope is clearly defined during the design process

Schedule and cost are guaranteed

Construction has a single point of responsibility 

Design and construction may overlap, speeding up the project delivery 

Contractor acts as the business owner’s agent and advisor

Why Choose MSI Construction for Construction Management?

Whether Agency Construction Management or Construction Management at Risk, our collaborative approach with the client and the design team allow us to plan, coordinate and control a project. From inception to post project services, we fully participate in construction and life cycle costing, value engineering and overall project management.


We place our client's needs and expectations above all else. We strive to have a client who at the end of a project has had a positive experience with the construction process.


We listen, understand, and work closely with our clients to fully understand our customers needs.


We utilize our construction expertise to provide our clients with the highest quality project available that is on time and within budget.

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